Not initially understanding my earlier years as a child, my teenage experiences or my purpose in life growing up and constantly being in a dream world, life did not really make sense until I entered my first Spiritualist Church.  I suddenly felt awakened by the power of spirit and the purpose of my life suddenly had clarity.

I now recognise that I did not have an overactive imagination and my constant dreamlike state as a child growing up and all my life experiences were for a purpose; the purpose being to serve humankind as a medium.

Like most mediums I never thought I would work in this capacity and I feel privileged that I am able too.  I am fortunate enough to really love and enjoy my work for the spirit world and Spiritualism.

I work at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies as a Tutor, and the Resident Medium, undertaking Private Sittings and Spiritual Appraisals. I am a teacher and medium, presenting talks, seminars and public demonstrations of evidential mediumship, both within the UK and abroad (www.arthurfindlaycollege.org). All my work brings great satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that I work for the spirit world and Spiritualism. (www.snu.org.uk)



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